Hidden Canvas: Impression of Urban Life

Solo Photography and Painting Exhibition by Mashiul Chowdhury_MG_3102

Looking at one of the Mashiul Chowdhury’s work, I was almost sure it was a painting. Right then I overheard someone saying, ‘Such a wonderful way of presenting a photo!’ I tried to look back and correct him, ‘This is a painting.’ Before I embarrass myself I realized it was indeed a photograph. A photo of a wall that carries stories of decades, with several layers of worn out paints plastered over it.

Professionally a fulltime doctor, Mashiul Chowdhury resides in Philadelphia for past 23 years. Photography and painting is his passion. It was his first solo exhibition in Bangladesh.

.A complete abstract form of art, yet ‘Hidden Canvas’ tells us stories of the urban society and its imprints left by the citizens. Broken, worn out colors, cracked surface of the walls, pathways are his subject of interest. Sometimes, they carry some letters, signs, numbers, and words.  According to Mashiul,they are the imprints left by the urban society. Though he doesn’t have any human figure in the photos or paintings, you can feel their presence.  These silent walls bear many stories of this urban society. The shabby wall paints, the almost vanished words might be decades old. The time is passing, so are we, but they are standing frigid, witnessing our life. Mashiul’s keen eyes found the beauty lying within them and captured with his camera. They are actually the canvases where people or nature unconsciously created art.

Texture and color plays dominant role in his works. His other media are oil and charcoal on paper and monoprints, which are also displayed in the exhibition. They also hold the influence of his photography work. The most interesting part is that much of the photographs are printed on the canvas.

The exhibitions started from 1st February 2013 and will continue till 14th February 2013 in Dhaka Art Center. You may not want to miss this exhibition. So, visit us anytime. Our gallery remains open every day  from 3 to 8 PM.578195_478876598841004_261616484_n 487418_478877065507624_1821910283_n 12987_478877275507603_1635574652_n

written by

Ruxmini Choudhury