Dhaka Python by Architect Salauddin Ahmed

Dhaka Python

If you walk to the fourth room of the 1st floor gallery you will be perplexed to see the sight in front of you. A black house in front of you with numerous small doors of many shapes and sizes! You will see some people trying to open them one by one. And what’s inside? Do you see a picture of a banana, cars, shopping mall or a rickshaw? Out of curiosity you will start opening them all and suddenly realize there’s an opening on the left. You try to peek inside, all you see is the pitch black emptiness.  Once you are inside that black house, fear will creep within you. Suddenly you lose your sight. You feel claustrophobic, as if the walls are coming closer to you. You can’t move, you can’t breathe. You feel stuck, you feel lost, and even you cannot hear a single thing. And just like that, everything comes back to you again. You hear the slamming noises of the small doors all too well. An iota of light coming from outside gives you warmth. You realize you are alive and start enjoying it.

The Architect wanted us to experience the moment of anxiety through his work. The society has become a python that grasp us yet we became numb to what is right or wrong. Because, we ourselves have turned into one.


Written by

Ruxmini Choudhury

Senses:7 The exhibition so far…

1st December 2012 was the grand opening of the exhibition Senses: 7. The overwhelming presence of the people really inspired us. As special guests Italian Ambassador to Bangladesh, Giorgio Guglielmino and Shreela Ghosh, Director Arts, Wider South Asia, British Council were present between us. The whole atmosphere turned festive with everyone roaming around from one room to another.

At 7:30 pm the 1st phase of the Performance art ‘Planned Murder’ was held called ‘Destruction-Art devouring Art’.

On 3rd December 2012, artists invited by the ’15th Asian Art Biennale’ visited Dhaka Art Center and exclaimed to see such brilliant works. One artist from Oman said, ‘ Visiting all the gallery rooms and seeing such diversified works gave me thrill. Each of the art works gave me hundred of ideas to create my own.’

In the evening the 2nd phase of the Performance Art named ‘Transformation-Healing’ took place. Everyone was in awe to see the outstanding performance.

We are now waiting for the 3rd phase which will take place from 5th to 10th December 2012. The Exhibition Senses:7 will go on till 10th December 2012. So don’t miss your chance to witness some wonderful expressions of Bangladeshi Contemporary art.

Written by Ruxmini Choudhury