An evening with Sofie Lystrøm at Dhaka Art Center

Sofie Lystrøm is a Danish Opera, Classical and Modern singer who enchanted us with her charming voice. She performed along with pianist Nabil Salahuddin in the auditorium of Dhaka Art Center today, 26th January 2013 at 6:30 PM. This was her first time ever to visit outside of Europe and we are very glad to have her with us for the evening. Image


Kibria Print Fair 2013

Kibria Print Fair 2013 just ended on 7th January 2013 and we have to say it was a successful one. People from various class and profession curiously visited the galleries of DAC. “Are all these for sell?” Once they were assured of the availability of the prints, they threw another set of questions. ‘Is it affordable? Can I buy one?’ And we told them that this is the unique opportunity to buy artworks of famous and practicing artists, as well as students’ in a very reasonable price. Yes, you don’t have to be rich anymore to become art collector or just to decorate your wall with a genuine art print of a famous artist. It started from only 200 BDT!

Several printmaking organizations participated in the fair besides Kibria Printmaking Studio of Dhaka Art Center. The organizations are:

 Printmaking Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka

Printmaking Department, Institute of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong

Printmaking Group, Department of Fine Arts, University of Rajshahi

Printmaking Studio, Faculty of Fine Arts, UODA

Shafiuddin Bengal Printmaking Studio, Dhaka

Cosmos Atelier 71

Bornika Print Studio, Dhaka

Bangladesh Printmakers Association

Professor Koichi Takita, Eminent Ceramic Artist of Japan was present as the chief guest. Professor Syed Barq Alvi, Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts attended as the special guest and Eminent Artist Rafiqun Nabi presicec over the opening ceremony.


Let us share some buyers’ experiences.


A student from University of Dhaka bought a print for his mother saying, ‘My mom loves art. She collects posters and pictures of famous paintings and hangs them on the walls of our house. Unfortunately, we never had a genuine painting or sketch. Even thinking about buying art is luxury to us. So, I am buying it for her birthday present which is in few weeks. I can’t wait to see her smile when she gets it.

 Aarpana, an English Teacher of East West University insisted on finding her prints of renowned artists and bought a bunch of them. Not only that, she came back again next day with her students and bought more.

Some people bought art prints saying these were perfect for wedding gift.

 We are inspired by the people’s excitement and believe next year more people will pour in and become proud owners of authentic art prints in affordable prince.


Written by

Ruxmini ChoudhuryImageImage

Animated Film Festival

Do not miss your chance to watch some wonderful Animated films from all over the world in Dhaka Art Center’s Auditorium. We are showing two shows everyday from 4th to 11th January 2013. The afternoon show for children starts at 4 pm and the evening show for adult starts at 6 pm. The festival is open for all, so join us in any day or everyday you want. Poster_web


Kibria Print Making Studio of Dhaka Art Center seems to be very busy now a days. All the print-makers are either drawing, etching or rushing to take a good print. Why? Because our 2nd Kibria Print Fair is going to start at the beginning of next year. That is 1st January 2013. Such a wonderful way to celebrate New Year for the art lovers. What do you think? After this year’s success,  we are eagerly waiting for the next fair. So everyone, see you at the Print Fair.

Journey of Ali Akbar

Photograph-Sarker Protick

Photograph-Sarker Protick

You are cordially invited to the opening ceremony of solo painting exhibition of Ali Akbar. The exhibition titled ‘Journey of Ali Akbar’ will commence on 14 December 2012, at 5:00 p.m. at Dhaka Art Center.

The exhibition will remain open from 14-21 December, 2012, 3pm – 8pm.

Chief Guest:

His Excellency Mr. Dan W. Mozena
Ambassador of the United States of America to BangladeshHonorable Guests:
Mrs. Khaleda Sarwar,
Vice President of Mahila Shomity
and the wife of Language
movement activist Mustafa Sarwar,
Mr. Muhammed Aziz Khan,
Chairman, Summit Group
Md. Sayeed-ur-Rabb,
President/COO/Thikana, New York,
Mr. Shamsul Wares,
architect & art critic
Mr. Moinuddin Khaled,
art critic,
Mr. Rafiqul Islam,

The ceremony will be presided over by
Mr. Ramendu Majumder, Chairman,
Dhaka Art Center

Senses: 7 Terrorism in other planets by Artist Ronni Ahmmed

Installation glimps

Installation glimpse

Artist Ronni Ahmmed’s installation work certainly is satirical which in one glance makes us laugh. Yet, we can catch the message he wants to deliver behind his humorous appearance. His work represents a seminar conducted by Goerge Bush, Stephen Hawkings, Gandhi, Saddam Hossain and Murgi Milon (a famous terrorist of Bangladesh).  Interestingly enough, among the audience we find from Lady Gaga to Rabindranath Tagore, Harry Potter to Gautama Buddha. When we look at the banner the cliché of the whole situation makes us burst into laughter. It says’ YOUR PROPERTY, OUR RESPONSIBILITY. Are you feeling insecure? Looking for a trained security guard? We provide you the best one.’ You won’t miss the vegetables lying on the chairs, as if representing each person. How amusing it is to see a lemon representing Mahatma Gandhi or a coli flower depicting Lady Gaga!

Ronni Ahmmed expresses his work as the ‘post modern interpretation of post modern cannibalism’.  We live in a controversial society where the protector becomes predator, where we play ignorant to certain situations.  Don’t we all know how terrorists are created, why they are marketed to the world? Who are actually the terrorists? The ones who are tagged by capitalist media or the ones we happen to recognize as the leaders? Terrorism in other planets reflects what the world has turned into and what it will become.

These vegetables represent the people attending the seminar. Interesting concept. What do you think?

These vegetables represent the people attending the seminar. Interesting concept. What do you think?

Written by Ruxmini Choudhury

Photography by Sarker Protick