Hidden Canvas: Impression of Urban Life

Solo Photography and Painting Exhibition by Mashiul Chowdhury_MG_3102

Looking at one of the Mashiul Chowdhury’s work, I was almost sure it was a painting. Right then I overheard someone saying, ‘Such a wonderful way of presenting a photo!’ I tried to look back and correct him, ‘This is a painting.’ Before I embarrass myself I realized it was indeed a photograph. A photo of a wall that carries stories of decades, with several layers of worn out paints plastered over it.

Professionally a fulltime doctor, Mashiul Chowdhury resides in Philadelphia for past 23 years. Photography and painting is his passion. It was his first solo exhibition in Bangladesh.

.A complete abstract form of art, yet ‘Hidden Canvas’ tells us stories of the urban society and its imprints left by the citizens. Broken, worn out colors, cracked surface of the walls, pathways are his subject of interest. Sometimes, they carry some letters, signs, numbers, and words.  According to Mashiul,they are the imprints left by the urban society. Though he doesn’t have any human figure in the photos or paintings, you can feel their presence.  These silent walls bear many stories of this urban society. The shabby wall paints, the almost vanished words might be decades old. The time is passing, so are we, but they are standing frigid, witnessing our life. Mashiul’s keen eyes found the beauty lying within them and captured with his camera. They are actually the canvases where people or nature unconsciously created art.

Texture and color plays dominant role in his works. His other media are oil and charcoal on paper and monoprints, which are also displayed in the exhibition. They also hold the influence of his photography work. The most interesting part is that much of the photographs are printed on the canvas.

The exhibitions started from 1st February 2013 and will continue till 14th February 2013 in Dhaka Art Center. You may not want to miss this exhibition. So, visit us anytime. Our gallery remains open every day  from 3 to 8 PM.578195_478876598841004_261616484_n 487418_478877065507624_1821910283_n 12987_478877275507603_1635574652_n

written by

Ruxmini Choudhury


Senses: 7 Terrorism in other planets by Artist Ronni Ahmmed

Installation glimps

Installation glimpse

Artist Ronni Ahmmed’s installation work certainly is satirical which in one glance makes us laugh. Yet, we can catch the message he wants to deliver behind his humorous appearance. His work represents a seminar conducted by Goerge Bush, Stephen Hawkings, Gandhi, Saddam Hossain and Murgi Milon (a famous terrorist of Bangladesh).  Interestingly enough, among the audience we find from Lady Gaga to Rabindranath Tagore, Harry Potter to Gautama Buddha. When we look at the banner the cliché of the whole situation makes us burst into laughter. It says’ YOUR PROPERTY, OUR RESPONSIBILITY. Are you feeling insecure? Looking for a trained security guard? We provide you the best one.’ You won’t miss the vegetables lying on the chairs, as if representing each person. How amusing it is to see a lemon representing Mahatma Gandhi or a coli flower depicting Lady Gaga!

Ronni Ahmmed expresses his work as the ‘post modern interpretation of post modern cannibalism’.  We live in a controversial society where the protector becomes predator, where we play ignorant to certain situations.  Don’t we all know how terrorists are created, why they are marketed to the world? Who are actually the terrorists? The ones who are tagged by capitalist media or the ones we happen to recognize as the leaders? Terrorism in other planets reflects what the world has turned into and what it will become.

These vegetables represent the people attending the seminar. Interesting concept. What do you think?

These vegetables represent the people attending the seminar. Interesting concept. What do you think?

Written by Ruxmini Choudhury

Photography by Sarker Protick

Dhaka Python by Architect Salauddin Ahmed

Dhaka Python

If you walk to the fourth room of the 1st floor gallery you will be perplexed to see the sight in front of you. A black house in front of you with numerous small doors of many shapes and sizes! You will see some people trying to open them one by one. And what’s inside? Do you see a picture of a banana, cars, shopping mall or a rickshaw? Out of curiosity you will start opening them all and suddenly realize there’s an opening on the left. You try to peek inside, all you see is the pitch black emptiness.  Once you are inside that black house, fear will creep within you. Suddenly you lose your sight. You feel claustrophobic, as if the walls are coming closer to you. You can’t move, you can’t breathe. You feel stuck, you feel lost, and even you cannot hear a single thing. And just like that, everything comes back to you again. You hear the slamming noises of the small doors all too well. An iota of light coming from outside gives you warmth. You realize you are alive and start enjoying it.

The Architect wanted us to experience the moment of anxiety through his work. The society has become a python that grasp us yet we became numb to what is right or wrong. Because, we ourselves have turned into one.


Written by

Ruxmini Choudhury

Senses:7 The exhibition so far…

1st December 2012 was the grand opening of the exhibition Senses: 7. The overwhelming presence of the people really inspired us. As special guests Italian Ambassador to Bangladesh, Giorgio Guglielmino and Shreela Ghosh, Director Arts, Wider South Asia, British Council were present between us. The whole atmosphere turned festive with everyone roaming around from one room to another.

At 7:30 pm the 1st phase of the Performance art ‘Planned Murder’ was held called ‘Destruction-Art devouring Art’.

On 3rd December 2012, artists invited by the ’15th Asian Art Biennale’ visited Dhaka Art Center and exclaimed to see such brilliant works. One artist from Oman said, ‘ Visiting all the gallery rooms and seeing such diversified works gave me thrill. Each of the art works gave me hundred of ideas to create my own.’

In the evening the 2nd phase of the Performance Art named ‘Transformation-Healing’ took place. Everyone was in awe to see the outstanding performance.

We are now waiting for the 3rd phase which will take place from 5th to 10th December 2012. The Exhibition Senses:7 will go on till 10th December 2012. So don’t miss your chance to witness some wonderful expressions of Bangladeshi Contemporary art.

Written by Ruxmini Choudhury

‘Untitled’ : A Solo Art Exhibition by Samir Aich

An Untitled Exhibition? Is the Artist himself in dilemma or his paintings cannot be placed under one titled theme! As we roam through the gallery, we see even the paintings are title less!  Sometimes we see artists use this title for their exhibitions and works, but never did think twice about it. However, the question does hang to some of us. Why choosing this title? The artist clarified the reason behind it is to encourage the viewers to perceive his artworks through their own perspective rather than his own. Through their own experiences the viewers would comprehend the works and put names to each painting at their own accord.

Samir Aich used oil, pastels and acrylic on white canvas, sometimes on papers and found objects. Most of his paintings in the exhibition are in mixed media.  His paintings are dominated by dark bold outlines. The interesting aspect of Samir’s works is the simplicity of the lines yet a very strong and skilled representation. The figures and objects lost their natural proximity and transformed into distorted, crooked and crude form. The brutal reality of the world didn’t let the artist to express the beauty of the life. His experience enforced his internal feelings to convey the human sufferings.

Samir Aich is a Kolkata based Indian painter graduated from Government College of Art and Craft in 1978. He participated in many group and solo exhibitions across India and different countries. Samir is also a co-founder of an organization named ‘Shilpi Astha’ for the artists’ welfare.  Though he visited Bangladesh and participated in a group exhibition before, it is his 1st Solo Art Exhibition in Bangladesh. The Exhibition is taking place in the Gallery of Dhaka Art Center from 9th to 19th November, 2012. Everyone is invited to visit the exhibition; the gallery remains open from 3 to 8 PM, everyday.

written by Ruxmini Choudhury